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Assessments: Marriage, Divine Design, Skills and Chemistry

The first step in the church planting process is to assess your potential for planting. While there is no magic test that states, "You are a church planter," we have learned a great deal about the role that temperaments, divine wiring, skills and chemistry play in church planting.

Our EFCA assessment philosophy is to use industry standard instruments. They have been validated over the years with millions of users and dozens of research projects.

We use online instruments that give you immediate results. You will receive a report from each of these vendors that is invaluable in helping you make the church planting decision.

We use more than one assessment instrument because we are looking for a theme. An individual test might miss the mark. However, by the time you have completed six or seven assessments, most people have a clear picture on whether they are a planter or not.

Please keep copies of the results of these tests. They are not automatically sent to the EFCA. When you get ready to talk to a district leader or potential parent church, they will want to see copies of these reports.

The first place to start the assessment process is by objectively evaluating your marriage relationship.