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Thank you for your interest in becoming credentialed with the EFCA. The EFCA process for becoming credentialed is spelled out in Steps Toward Credentialing.

There are two tracks available to candidates. One track is the ordination track. This track is for those who have a ministry of preaching and teaching the Bible. It is open only to male candidates. The other track is the Christian Ministry track for those candidates whose ministry is not primarily that of preaching and teaching.
Credentialing with the EFCA is a two-step process. The first step of the process is to earn your three-year ministry license. The second step of the process is to earn your permanent certificate. Below are the forms that you need to pursue your ministerial credential with the EFCA. If you have any questions, please contact our Credentialing Coordinator, Richard Parker.

Please visit our National EFCA website for information on credentialing.

Click on Temporary Credential or Permanent Credentials.

To begin the process in our district please contact our Credentialing Coordinator, Richard Parker or Bruce Martin.

Writing your Paper

A helpful resource for writing your paper is the EFCA Statement of Faith with Scripture references.

Three Year Licenses

If you are working on your three year ministerial license, please follow the EFCA's License Thesis Requirements. After completing your paper, please submit it to Richard Parker electronically via e-mail. 
All paperwork must be received by the Credentialing Coordinator office before a licensing interview will be scheduled for a candidate.

Permanent Credentials

If you are working on your permanent credential, please contact our Credentialing Coordinator, Richard Parker.

If you are already credentialed with another church or denomination, please contact Richard to see if you might qualify for a Transfer of Ordination. This still requires a full paper and council, but it allows you to skip the three year license.

If you have a divorce in your past or if you are married and your spouse was divorced, please contact Richard Parker to request a Divorce Exception Packet before pursuing credentialing with the EFCA.