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Marriage Assessment

marriage assess


Assessments: Divine Design, Skills and Chemistry

Years ago, a major church planting study discovered one of the major indicators of church planting success is, "strong spousal support." Church planting does not require perfect marriages, but if you have more growth areas than strength areas, you need to focus on your marriage relationship first before you tackle church planting.

It is important that both the husband and wife are on the same page when it comes to church planting. It is not uncommon for the husband to get the call to planting first. He needs to share his heart with his wife and allow God's Spirit to work.

A great resource that has helped many wives process the call to planting is, "My Husband Wants to be a Church Planter . . . So What Does That Make Me?"

The EFCA uses an instrument called Couple Checkup. Couple Ceckup is based upon the industry standard Prepare-Enrich marriage assessment that has been used for the past 40 years to help you objectively evaluate your marriage relationship.

Twenty areas of a marriage relationship are measured. It will take you and your spouse 20 minutes, and you will receive an 18-page report that covers key relationship areas, special areas, couple and family maps and the SCOPE personality scales that contains a gold mine of insights.

1. Couple Checkup $29

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The next area to explore is your divine design.