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Recognizing that there exists interdependency among churches affiliated with the EFCA, and that those who attend EFCA churches must exhibit a spirit of humility, mutual support and accountability among the association of other EFCA churches, I wish to openly state our commitment to work within the following guidelines:

  1. I am unreservedly in agreement with the EFCA Statement of Faith.
  2. I am in agreement with implementing an Elder-led congregational form of government including the minimum requirements outlined in the document, “What It Means To Be An EFC”.
  3. I fully agree to the process of developing leaders for the new church beginning with the Local Leadership Team, accepted by the EFCA Pacific NW District, and eventually appointing elders for the new church recognizing the process may take 2 years or more.
  4. I fully agree to be credentialed with the EFCA (license or ordination), before beginning the official launch phase of my church plant. Each additional staff pastor will be encouraged to be credentialed.
  5. I will demonstrate a spirit of harmony in working with my brothers and sisters in Christ (even across denominational lines) and with the EFCA Pacific NW District representatives.
  6. The By-laws and Constitution must receive final approval by the EFCA Pacific NW District Superintendent.
  7. I fully agree to lead the new church to begin tithing from the time of the grand opening service. The church will tithe back to the District Church Planting Revolving Fund the amount of funds received. After that, the church will participate in the EFCA FairShare program by giving 1% to EFCA National Office and 3% to the District General Fund, and endeavor to partner with other new district church planting projects.
  8. I will be faithful in my coaching appointments, and will make every effort to attend the Annual Church Health Clinic, the regional Healthy Church Cluster meetings, and the Pacific NW District Annual Conference.