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Church Planting Skills

Skill assess


Assessments: Marriage, Divine Design and Chemistry

Successful church planters possess certain ministry skills. Unlike divine design, ministry skills can be developed. In the parable of the ten talents, Jesus indicated we do not start on a level field when it comes to abilities, but everyone is expected to grow and develop his skills.

The EFCA uses three instruments to help a candidate assess his church planting skills.

5. EFCA Planter Profile: Free
This inventory gives the characteristics that EFCA leaders feel are important to church planting.

EFCA Planter Profile

6. CPI 260: $119
No matter which model of church planting you use, leadership skills are premium. There is no instrument that measures leadership better than the CPI 260.

CPI 260 is based upon the California Psychological Inventory which has a 50-year exceptional history, validity and reliability. You will be compared to a base line of 5,600 managers and executives. It will take you 25 minutes, and you will receive a 17-page report that covers 18 leadership characteristics. These characteristics are organized into five core performances: self-management, team building and teamwork, organizational capabilities, problem solving, and sustaining the vision.

For EFCA church planters only: Use the discount code EFCA001 for a 15 percent discount.

CPI 260 Coaching Report for Leaders is currently not available here. We hope to have it linked again soon.

CPI 260 Sample Test: cpi-260-gk-2010--2-.pdf

7. StrengthsFinder 2.0: $17

StrengthsFinder is an assessment tool of 34 strengths developed by the Gallup organization after 40 years of research. You have to purchase the book, "Strengths-Based Leadership." In the book, you will receive a code for the online assessment. It will take you 20 minutes, and you will receive a 120-page report that covers your top five strengths and action ideas for developing these strengths. The book gives you additional insights into how to develop your strengths, maximize your team and understand why people follow.

StrengthsFinder 2.0
StrengthsFinder Sample

Recommended Reading: "Strength-based Leadership" by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie.


The next step is chemistry assessment.